Multi-monitoring while gaming..?

Hi everyone,

I have :
- 2 video cards nVIDIA GTX560Ti
- Samsung monitor 22'' DVI
- LG tv 32'' 1080P

What i would like to do :
Multi-monitoring (1 screen for a game and 1 screen for desktop)

- I am currently using multi-monitoring wallpapers with DisplayFusion that gave me my windows toolbar and my 2nd screen. But the problem is when i am play the game and I try to switch windows with Alt + Tab, my game will go down to my toolbar and sometimes it gaves me a black screen on my 2nd screen.

Can someone help me :) ?

Thank you!
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  1. Sure when you have both monitors connected you can extend your desktop through the windows resolution changes. What this will allow you to do is have one screen for your games and one screen for your other applications.

  2. just connect both the monitor and the tv 2 your gpu...use the Windows + p key to bring up the easy display switcher and select the option extend
    that should do the trick for you
    you don't need any other software for that.
  3. Correct sid.
  4. First thanks for quick answers!

    but i am already using the multi-monitoring and I thought i plug 1 screen on 1 card and the 2nd screen on the second card, I could maybe split the displays to be really independant even while a game is open on one screen...
  5. And the windows key + P command is not working on my computer either... i have Win7 Ultimate too :P
  6. press and hold the Windows key...than press p.
    there is no way this shortcut won't work.

    cumon...its like ctrl+v for paste
  7. I know I am not that bad but maybe this command works only on Laptop ?...
  8. My current setup is : Samsung plugged on DVI on my 1st Nvidia and LG plugged on HDMI also on 1st Nvdia.

    I am using Nvidia Control Pannel and the windows extend display fonction
  9. One thing to remember not all games will behave correctly being minimized. Most modern game will but not all. So if you are playing fullscreen not all will let you minimize or they will not come back up afterwords. That sounds like what you are having a problem with when you try to go back to the game it will just be a black screen or will still show just the desktop. What game is giving you the problem?
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