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Hi i have the amd hd 7870 and most of the games run like 20-30 fps,why does it,i hate it when i buy n new graphics and everything still doesnt run like i want it to on max settings.My questions is,is it even a good card or not?Is there a way to get better fps and how safe is it to oc my graphics and if so,to what can i set it to?My cpu is i5-2400 and i have 8gig ram and im runnig all my games on max with 1920 x 1080 resolution.please help,its like most of my games like borderlands 2,skyrim,fallout 3,fallout new vegas,far cry 3 and hitman absolution,oh and i have the latest drivers also.plz help. :(
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  1. Okay so with borderlands I'm sure you aren't running into frame issues its a DX9 game so I would imagine your card destroys it. The only game on that list I would suspect that you would be having low frames on would be FAR CRY 3. What settings do you currently have it set on. Also would you please list your computer specs please.


    IF its a store bought computer please supply the computer model number please.
  2. Ok my setings is on max for far cry 3 accept the msaa is off.
    CPU: i5-2400 3.1Ghz (4 cores)
    MEMORY: 8 gig ram gskill
    MOTHERBOARD: P8 H67-M pro
    POWER SUPPLY: cooler master 700w
  3. sorry i forgot to add my motherboard is asus
  4. No worries now do you experience these sort of frame issues in any other game. I know that Far Cry 3 is a pretty taxing game now and people are having frame issues with the game (reminds me of when Batman Arkham City game out frame issues all over the place).
  5. Yes in skyrim,fallout 3,fallout new vegas,dishonored,far cry 2 my fps drops and goes up again,nfs most wanted 2012,dark souls,minecraft(really dont know why),i think bullet storm,fear 3,assasins creed brotherhood and i cant remember what other games does as well but yea thats pretty much it
  6. You list a lot of games but the only games I really have frames for is Far Cry 3. But I think what you are saying at least what I'm gathering is that you feel you get poor performance from these other games.
  7. Yes but is there a way to increase my fps in the games?Or is it the card that ain't good enough?
  8. Well the 7800 series of cards is normally good enough to play games between mid and high settings you won't get maxed out settings with modern games normally in games like borderlands 2 you will not not games like far cry 3.
  9. Then they shouldnt even make games if you cant run them on max settings,just want to know 1 more thing,is a ps3 graphics or xbox graphics better that pc graphics?
  10. Well that is the nature of the pc market man. Normally a mid grade card like yours will be able to play games that the last series high grade cards could max out on max. XBOX and PS3 graphics are so overly outdated compared to the PC graphics that its ridiculous. XBOX 360 came out in 2005 and uses some crazy low end chip now 500 MHz ATI Xenos (some specially made chip) and ps3 came out in 2006 and it uses a equally as lame GPU 550 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX 'Reality Synthesizer'
  11. check your mb bios rev. there been a lot of bios patches for your mb. I would make sure your running the newest bios and then make sure you have xmp profile turned on so your ram running at it max speed. boot into windows and download the newest intel chipset driver. and reboot. want to make sure the pci bus has the newest drivers and is not slowing the video card down.
    use cpu-z and gpu-z make sure ram speed is running right and that the gpu running at 16x at pci 2.0 mode. a bad card or a dirty card can force the pci slot to slow down. in the bios turn off c1 and any sleep states and then see if keeping the cpu from sleeping helps. the same goes for inside the ati control panel. most new gpu vendor have a slider or tab to have gpu run in energy saving mode or performance mode. one other thing to check is to see if the card set up for one monitor or two. if it set for two then some of the card power is set aside for the other monitor.
  12. Sorry man but it stll didnt work :( i updated everything and do what you said.
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