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Hello everyone, I'm making this thread because I am going to buy a 7850 and want to know how much can the SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7850 Dual-X - 1 GB (11200-16-21G) overclock, whats the max stable overclock, and at which temperature (ºC) will it be at.
Afterall whats its overclockability.

Theres a pic of the model that I'am going to get.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. you can overclock the core clock speed of the hd7850 to around 1050mhz and the memory clock speed to around 1450mhz
    at these speeds expect the card to idle at around 30 degree and at full load around 65 degree...a +- of 5 & 10 degree respectively is very much normal.
  2. ok so i can pretty much get a beast oc on that card right? Cuz the factory clock is at 860Mhz :)
  3. If you can afford it and your monitor is 1080p, get the 2GB. The 1GB has been shown to completely fail in some games when the settings are turned up even in 1080p. This is assuming you haven't bought it yet.

    I have two sapphire 7850's and they've both clocked up to 1.2 GHZ. I use Tweak, as for some reason, MSI afterburner doesn't allow me to change the voltage even with all the cfg changes and what not. They are pretty beastly overclockers, many people get 50% overclocks on the core.
  4. No, I haven't bought it yet but I wont need the 2GB version as I game in 1680x1050 :)
    Ur talking about GPU tweak from asus right? Whats the models that u have? The newest one or the oldest one?



    Cuz i heard the old one was a complete disaster with OC (Not sure tho)
  5. The only difference between the two are the heatsink/fans and the outputs. I've never heard anything about the old one having issues with overclocking, if anything I've seen more 1.2 GHZ clocks on them then the newer ones. I have both the old one and the newer one. Although the older one is still the Dual-X version. (Dual X stickers on fans)
  6. Btw what are the exact steps when I change my current GPU (HD4650) to the HD7850? Do I have to unnistall everything that I have from ATI and install the new drivers ?
  7. Yes.

    Follow this guide, uninstalling AMD drivers is a little bit more complicated. Using Driver Sweeper can actually remove key AMD things.

    Its two pages by the way.
  8. Ok I will follow them once I get the card! Thanks ;)
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