Please help, computer shut off no mnitor display

First ill give you some background.

Thats what im running. I put it together loaded windows 8 everything worked fine. Literally just built this computer today. After 30 min of playing world of warcraft. The computer shuts off. Now when i turn it on everything turns on but no display to the onitor. Have no way of reaching the bios. The cpu light is red. Ive disconnected everything removed all parts. Tried one ram, ect followed the guide

Still no luck, do you think my cpu or motherboard is doa? How can i tell? Sorry im fairly new to doing homebuilds, and would love some expert advice. Havnt played wow since burning crusade and it was one heck of amtease to play it for 30 minutes, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If it is a new computer, return it under warranty.
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