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Hello, i recently just rebuilt my computer but i put it into a new case because the one i had was two small for the hardware i had in it. after plugging everything in and setting everything up, i started the computer and got an error saying Chassis intrusion system bootup halted. after getting this error i restarted my computer and didn't get this error again however whenever it try s to start up windows 8, it basically crashes and says Sorry windows could not boot, then the computer restarts and goes into windows diagnostics, after diagnosing, it asks me if i would like to restore my computer to an earlier date to maybe fix the issue, if i say yes it goes to the windows 8 start up screen and freezes if i click cancel it does the exact same thing, please help, this is extremely frustrating.

MB: AsusP8P67 EVo
Graphics card:HD 6970+Hd6990
Case:ThermalTake Lvl 10 GT snow edition.
RAM: 8 GB ddr3
CPU:I7 2600k.
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  1. Did you do anything else besides move the system to a new case? Did you add any components?

    Does the system POST?

    Are all of the drives plugged into the same ports that they were in the old case?

    There's a BIOS setting that checks for a chassis intrusion. That can be deactivated.

    If the only thing you did was to transplant the working innards to a new case, I suggest you strip all of the parts out of the case and breadboard the system outside the case. That will do two things: it will make the system easier to troubleshoot and it will remove the case as a source of the problem.

    We put together a "cannot boot" thread a while ago. Work systematically through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    I mean work through, not just read over it. We spent a lot of time on this. It should find most of the problems.
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