Please critique my $2000 Gaming Build

Planning to pull the trigger on this one next month.

What do u think of my build guys?

Thanks for helping in advance :) decided not to go with the SSD+HDD solution cuz I think it's a bit complicated. So I decided to get hybrid drive which has pretty good reviews so far.

PS: And also if you're suggesting any different parts to change, please to choose as the website to choose for parts. :)
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  1. 1 hd 7950 would be enough for 1080p , but i see u want to buy a 3d screen, then its ok...
    650 w is enough for cf...
    Alot alot power, gold,full modular, seasonic

    Xfx is also good, but for less money you get a better psu from seasonic
  2. I think it is fine...
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