Metro 2034 & Crysis 3

Are the most demanding games coming out this year that I am interested in putting my new gaming PC to the test.

However I have a 660Ti. Is it worth SLI'ing it with another 660Ti? Or just grab a 670 or 680 and upgrade that way? I've heard people get all sorts of problems with SLI'ing.

Would just like to know what most people preferences are. And whether I should save up for a new GFX card or that my 660Ti will do for now? Or overclock my Nvidia card? I have no idea how to or if you can OC the nvidia cards though :s

My system spec is:

i7 3770K to 4.6 ghz
Asus Ivy bridge P8z77-v
Nvidia GTX 660Ti
120gb SSD
1tb HDD
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  1. Ok mate, in that case when it comes to it, a 660Ti will be even lower in price as it is now and then sli that. Until an amazing new card comes out :P Forget paying £800+ for a GTX690!
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