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How can i have multiple ip address from one computer hiding my mac address?is there a foolproof system? can it be possible with paid proxies (without being detected that i am using a proxy)?is there any software to configure multiple ip addresses? I have windows 7 with dynamic ip.
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  1. Your mac addy is not your IP. you can not hide your MAC, IP or geoIP location, GUID or other things. If someone wanted to find you, an internet device in so and so's name isn't the best thing to have around.
    and no.

    The IP, that your ISP gives what is usually blocked or tracked...giveing it's users some privacy and protection...but it can be tracked further back to the user. And you'd have to ask your isp to change this. Do not do this if you are going to do stupid stuff. As all your activity is logged, and will likely be reviewed for security risks, ddos's and various types of attacks.
  2. pazsion ,
    it is not for any illegal or any stupid stuff and definitely not for anything to do with security.If i want to log on to a particular website apart from my ip address ,maci d,and through cookies is tehere any way i could be traced to the same computer if i use different isp providers.(this is not anything illegal,or anything to do with any security risk to any website or otherwise)
  3. Generally you would use an anonymous web proxy to visit a site you want to hide your IP from. Don't worry about your MAC address that will disapear at the first network bondry your traffic traverses on it's way from your modem to the destination, and there will probably be at least 6 such boundries.

    If you want something easy, just download the Tor Browser Bundle. And make sure you click the little global disable scripts icon on the left hand side of the address bar. It's slow but it's as good anominity as you can reasonably expect to get on the internet.
  4. Hello,
    How can i have multiple ip address from one computer hiding my mac address?/quotemsg]
    If you want to hide your ip address then I would suggest that you try checking this vpn
    Or you can try free proxies instead.
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