What is wrong with my computer when a press a key 2 different letter`s come up

water was spilt on my comuputer,and i left it out in the sun all day,but when i turned it on and typed, two letter`s come`s up,at the same time can i fix this by replacing the keyboard,
]thi`s i`s whaqt haqppcen`s whcen i typce
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  1. You left your computer out in direct sunlight? That was a big mistake. Never leave any electronics out in direct sunlight....you can warp components and plastic.

    You probably can replace the keyboard. Is it a laptop? If it is, it might be hard to do...
  2. are you sure that it is completely dry water causes short circuits and could be causing this, same thing happened to my sisters blackberry had to wrap it in a towel and leave on the radiator overnight.
  3. Sounds like it isn't completely dry yet. As mercer said, you could try to put it in a warm dry location for a day or so to get the water to evaporate out of the unit. This could probably be hurried along if you take the keyboard apart and put the parts in a warm and dry location since the water will more readily evaporate on surfaces open to the air. As Chain mentioned, if this doesn't work, you may have to replace the keyboard.
  4. Hi :)

    NEW keyboard time....

    All the best Brett :)
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