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The built in graphics card stopped working in my computer the other day. I went and bought a PCI card to put in the machine and after installing it and hooking the vga cable up to the computer, I don't get any picture still. I have no way of getting into the BIOS to turn the built in graphics off. What can I do?
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  1. Correct me if im wrong, but theres no such thing as a 'pci graphics card' if you're talking about a pci express graphics card then i dont think there's a problem with that. but im pretty sure your p.s.u or your motherboard has short circuited. try replacing your motherboard but if you actually meant 'pci graphics card' then i think its time you invest in a WELL needed upgrade. if you dont want to do that just replace your motherboard or try replacing your p.s.u
  2. The computer still powers on just fine. And there is a PCI graphics card. It's not your normal thing to buy these days but you can still get them. I bought a NVidea GeForce 6200 PIC 512MB DDR2.
  3. yes, they do make pci video cards..............

    do you mean pci-express?....... or pci. because I don't remember a pci version of that card. if there is find a link please.

    OP, try resetting cmos card. should set things back to "normal".......... your motherboard may be shot. you do realize that?
  4. I figure it the motherboard was shot, then it wouldn't power up like normal.
  5. Clear your CMOS with the jumper and try again. If that does not work try another video card. If you are installing a PCI video card then i assume your computer has no AGP slot and no PCI Express 16x slot. you did not provide information WRT your motherboard. Some low cost computers dont come with AGP or PCI Express 16x slots. if you do have a AGP or PCI Express 16x slot avilable then it would be best to get a low cost card for one of thoes slots and improove the chances of detectabilty by your BOIS. now you said "built in" do you mean intigrated? if not intigrated video i.e. solderded on the mother board did you remove the old video card? if the old video card is still installed because it has other ports on it that you want to use (crazy but i have scene it) you will still need to remove it because it is being detected by the BIOS as the primary video card.
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