Computer Quits out of games for "unknown reasons"

CPU - Intel quad core i5 3.4 GHz
Graphics - EVGA 680
MB - Asus P8Z77-V
RAM - 16 Gb of kingston
Cooling - Corsair h60

Whenever i go to play Assassins Creed III on my newly built computer it crashes at random points in the game. I monitored my CPU temps while it crashed and it never went above 55C. I'm fairly new to building computers so it may be a dumb mistake, but I'm just not sure what is wrong.
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  1. We had to return our Assassins Creed III game and get a new disc. The store had a lot of defective discs returned. Are you running it off the harddrive or disc?
  2. off the harddrive
  3. Assuming you have the newest graphics drivers installed I would say it is a glitchy game. Ours was the XBox so I can't speak of the game run off the harddrive.
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