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1.I went in my control panel and maxed the bass and treble. They were half way before. Before I go test my speakers I want to know if this will damage my speakers. I know it can because a few years ago I maxed my treble and bass then my other speakers were damage. My new speakers are small. I have the specifications on the box that tells me the total power for my speakers. But I don't know how much power my computer gives to my speakers. How am I suppose to know that? Does anybody know?

2. I also have headphones. Is it possible that I can damage those to if my pc gives to it too much power?

3. Also for the specifications it says my "satellite power" and "Total Harmonic Distortion" Does anybody know what they mean?

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  1. well i had assumed that self powered speakers could never damambge themselves as they powered themselves.

    but i could be totally wrong on this one, i do not know, i just turn them down to a respectable level, or if i need them loud i make sure they don't sound distorted.

    go get some 5.1 speakers they will be louder due to more of them and the sub woofer really helps the bass problem (thats if your computer can handle 5.1 speakers) you can pick them up for $50

    as for headphones, i honestly don't know why people turn them up loud.

    if your worried about the volume damaging them i'd be more worried about my ears being damaged.

    you can alwasy replacve headphones but you cannot replace your ear drums so hey i'd take care of them.

    i personally alwasy have my sound turned down to the lowest level i can hear everything going on at.

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