Windows 8 With Start Menu Mod vs Windows 7?

I was thinking of upgrading to windows 8 from 7 and applying some sort of mod/program that would return the start menu and other windows 7 features. Is there a reason to upgrade i.e. perfomance gains, responsiveness, etc or should I stick with 7?
And if I should upgrade, what would be the best program to return to the original windows 7 ui (free or paid)?

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  1. Windows 8 is like Vista SP5

    there is nothing wrong with vista, 7 or 8 for that matter

    just use 8 WITHOUT the crappy start menu apps the start menu is fine give it a day or two you will like it

    those mods chances are will brick the install anyhow
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    if you have 7 stick with it.

    there isn't really much of an incentive to upgrade to win8. the new features are nothing to shout home about the drive storage is nothing new. people have been doing different forms of raid for years.

    i really dont like metro, i ended up installing start8 by iobit on trial version and it never crashed once

    i havent had a problem with iobit software yet (before you go calling me a fanboy its free software and i did try the other paid for one, i forget what its called though)
  3. Sorry for the late reply... I think I'll wait before I upgrade to windows 8 then and use the cash for other upgrades.

    Thanks for the input everyone!
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