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Is it the end of the road for this S3 Virge?

Today I was bored, so I went through an old box of GPUs I pulled out of junk computers over the years, and I came across the Virge and remembered it for giving me lots of grief on a couple of different systems I tried it on. I put it in one of my clunkers today, and sure enough, it's still up to it's same tricks. Upon startup, the splash screen is replaced by a black/white one with nothing but weird symbols/characters from top to bottom. Once past that, the XP screen comes up, with vertical stripes running through. Pictures look horrible.

I tried updating the driver....didn't do any good. Also tried various adjustments to resolution; anything above 600x480 and 16 colors is practically unviewable...and when I first started the computer before adjusting, it was in 4 color mode; I didn't even know that existed!

Is it time to send it to that S3 dumpster in the sky?

PS; I did come across an S3 Trio 32/64 and gave it a whirl in the same machine; not too shabby! :D
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    Haha sounds like fun. I'd keep it for nostalgia value. I kept my 5970 even though it's dead. It's almost as big as I am, so if nothing else, it's a home defence weapon...
  2. Maybe start a home museum, a couple plexiglass boxes, name tags, and pedestals (:
  3. LOL...I saved it all these years as "Exhibit A"
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