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Will CPU bottleneck system?

Hi all, I have a Dell Studio 540 with quad core Q9550 yorkfield at 2.83. 350 watt power supply. My computer came with an Nvidia 9800 GT 512 ram and the GPU recently burnt out. I absolutely do not want to upgrade power supply. Will adding a gtx650 or and amd 7750 be worth it? I have read alot about the older CPU's bottlenecking the system and will this be the case with my sytem? From what I have also read I may be able to go up to An AMD 7770, I do have the 6 pin adapter. Thank you.
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  1. Since you're so adament about your PSU, I couldn't recommend more than the 7750.

    P.S. How do you know your PSU didn't kill your GPU, or won't kill your next one?
  2. I don't. How would I find out? Thanks.
  3. the rest of the system still works, 2 hard drives running windows 7 and 8 1 dvd burner 1 xbox hddvd player.
  4. The point is to not discount the PSU as a problem, it is very important. Most prebuild systems have very poor PSU, and google a little and you'll see your's too. Beside that, 350 is rather low, even for a quality PSU, so if you're upgrading, that should be on your list. Replacing a PSU is not expensive not difficult (usually)
    $25 after $20 rebate

    Then I'd say you can go 7770 maybe more depending your CPU (which is rather old), but you're safe knowing worst case is a bottleneck not a neckbrace (being facecious). And you can reuse a good PSU for your next build.
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    Q9550 is a powerful CPU. It will most certainly not bottleneck a card like HD 7770. I'd even go up to GTX 660/HD 7870 with such CPU.

    That said, HD 7770 is probably the minimum I'd go for. HD 7750 is barely faster than your old card. GTX 650 is horrendous and overpriced. If you want Nvidia, go for GTX 650 Ti instead.

    You should check specs of your power supply unit before upgrading anything first, though. Brand and model would be nice.
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  7. Delta Electronics Inc. Model DPS-350XB-2 A with an Output for +12VA === 12 Amps and +12VB === 18 Amps and a combined ...
    This is what I found for my PSU
  8. That could very well be the reason why your graphics card died. It doesn't meet the requirements for cards like 8800 GT. I would get abbadon's recommended power supply unit and depending on your budget, a card like HD 7770 or even better.
  9. So your saying,If I don't upgrade my PSU I might as well stick with my integrated graphics? If Dell put this power supply in with the 9800 GT shouldn't they be responsible for it being fried? I just thought these newer cards used less wattage then my old card and there for would work with what I have. I am not a do it my self, I have a bad temper when things don't go right. So that is why I do not want to replace my power supply, too complicated for me.
  10. It's pretty simple to replace it, actually.. With your current power supply unit, I wouldn't go higher than HD 7750.

    As for Dell being responsible - they don't care. They give you 1 year warranty, and after that you're on your own. They go the cheapest way. Power supplies go old and it reduces the amount of power they can supply.
  11. I am not replacing the PSU, that being said again. I will go with the 7750( maybe the gtx650 for the free Assasins 3 game). Thanks for all your help. The common theme on these threads is everyone tries to get you to upgrade everything, when all you want is a simple fix. This is why consloe gaming will always be bigger then PC gaming.
  12. The PSU is always overlooked in an upgrade or even Building a PC. A good PSU should always be considered. It can save you from having hardware failure or frying a component.
  13. I have been reading these forums for weeks, I am not hostile. When a person states that they are not going to replace the PSU, and just want an answer on what they can do with what they have. I am grateful for the help I received. especially to the guy who said My CPU would not be a bottleneck in my system, Which is what I asked. I said I want ot know about this card without upgrading PSU and I got everyone telling me to upgrade PSu, not helpful.
  14. I found the 7770 for $109 after rebate. It has a 3 year warranty. so if it burns up in a year due to my generic PSU then I will know. I can then get it replaced under warranty.
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  16. I'd really buy a better PSU if I were you. Your current one may damage components, and even if nothing blows up, your pc may underperform (crashes, fps drops etc) because some components wont get enough power. Just saying.
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