Looking for a new graphics card, need some help.

I have a HP pavilion p7-1298cb desktop with 12 GB of ram and a AMD A10-5700 quad core processor with integrated Radeon 7660D graphics. It only has a 300 watt power supply so I'm upgrading it to a 750 watt and now need a new graphics card to go with it. I'm trying to go budget so around $100 would be preferred but a little bit more money can be spent if necessary. I was thinking buying a Radeon 6670 I could use dual graphics with my integrated 7660D, because I can get a 6670 for relatively cheap.
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  1. First off that power supply is going to be complete overkill, focus more on picking up a high quality 500 watt which will give you a bit more room for the GPU.

    Adding $20 to the GPU budget you could pick up a 7770.
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