I really need help with my graphics card

So.... I got a Pyn 550 ti after months of waiting and reading about it. I opened up my pc to install it and the first thing i noticed is it doesn't have the 2 6 pin adapters. I was so mad and didn't know what to do. Where do i plug it in? I really don't want to return the card cause i've been wanting a new one for so long. PLEASE HELP! I'm new to the forums and i am so stressed out.
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  1. If you have spare molex connectors (used by old hard drives, disk drives), and you psu has enough wattage (400w is probably good) you can buy two of these.You can get ones that only use one molex connector if you need to.

  2. Those came with the card. It's just i don't know where to plug them into in my computer there is nowhere.
  3. What is the wattage, make and model of your power supply?
  4. Is this your video card, PNY VCGGTX550TXPB GeForce GTX 550 Ti? It only requires one 6 pin PCIe Power cable.

    However, the problem is you most likely don't have a big enough power supply. What is the power supply and how much current can it supply on the +12V output(s)? One of these, HIS Power Cable (2x4 pin in, 6 pins out) Model HPC4084 will allow you to hook it up but if your PSU is not powerful enough, it still won't work due to overloading the PSU. You should have at least a 400-450W PSU with that card. This would work well, CORSAIR Builder Series CX430.
  5. I have a 460w power supply which is what people told me is ok with the card. I just need somewhere to plug the 6pins into.
  6. They make molex y splitters. See if any of your fans have molexs going to them that you can get a molex or 2 free.
  7. Yeah i don't think they do. I'm really stumped on this because like i said i've been wanting this card. I have the 2 6 pins. I saw some installing videos on youtube and their computer had the outlets for it mine doesn't. Sorry if i am repeating things.
  8. Then you need to upgrade your power supply. Look at Seasonic, Corsair, Antec brands. Without knowing the rest of your build I would suggest 500-600W.
  9. People have been saying 460w is ok. All i want to know is if i can buy the socket for my 6 pin, or anywhere else i can plug it into.
  10. take a photo of your PC with the side panel off.
  11. I really can't at the moment. I'll give the name and some specs. It's the HP Pavilion hpe h8 1205. i7 pro, 8gb of ram, 1.5tb, 460w,win 7, not a real gaming computer but i like it.
  12. How many molex connectors are being used?

    Is it a modular power supply? (I doubt it)
  13. I couldn't even see any of those connectors. I'm screwed aren't I? Is there any way for me to connect it?
  14. I think so. Do you have any spare connectors coming off the power supply?
  15. I think i have one. It is like a ending of some sort that looks similar to the ending of the 6 pin. That's my only hope here.
  16. mattkoz said:
    I think i have one. It is like a ending of some sort that looks similar to the ending of the 6 pin. That's my only hope here.

    DON'T plug that into the PCIe power on your graphics card. It's most likely for your CPU power ONLY! Just wait a day or two and get the dual Molex to 6 pin PCIe adaptor that I linked above.
  17. Yeah but where will i plug that into?
  18. Wait let me see what JK will say
  19. Can you link a picture of your PSU specifications label and the connector? Or if you could provide the exact model and manufacturer information for the PSU so I can look it up, that would help. How many pins does the connector you identified have? If it has six pins, it's probably the right one. If it has four then most likely it's not.
  20. I can't find any. And in the other post i named my exact model etc. I am not sure of the exact names, maybe that will help.
  21. Also the manufacturer and model of the video card would help as well.
  22. It's the PNY Nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti.
  23. Ok, I found the Computer on HP website. The info on the PSU is very limited but it should be adequate for that GPU. The thing is HP usually doesn't supply anything with their PSU that they don't need for the hardware that they are building it with. Look at the cables coming out of the PSU. Are there any connectors that are tied down and tucked away. The one you would need is a six pin rectangular connector (two rows of three pins each). If it's the right one then it will slide into the 6 pin PCIe connector on the video card and snap into place with little effort. It looks like this. http://www.playtool.com/pages/psuconnectors/pcie6index.jpg
  25. what do i do with it
  26. Plug it into the socket that is on the end of your Video card. As I said it should snap in with little effort. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133383
  27. But then what do i do with the other 2 plugs. I have nowhere to plug those into
  28. Don't worry about the spare plugs.
  29. Are you talking about a 6-pin + 2-pin power connector?

    Or are you left with extra 6-pin connectors?
  30. Wait so let me finish this off. Ok so the card came with a wire. It has a 2 row 3 set like the one you said, and 2 other ones connected to it. My computer has a separate wire that is like the one you sent me. So i only use the computers one?
  31. What other two plugs? The GTX 550 ti only requires one 6 pin PCIe power cable. Once you have it plugged in, you don't need anything else. Only reason you would need two 6 pin connectors is if you have somehow misidentified the card.
  32. I think he means extra plugs on the same power supply line
  33. If you have something like this: http://en.community.dell.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Discussions.Components.Files/3515/8168.540psu.jpg

    Plug it in the back of the card. :)

    You will only need to use one connector to power the GTX 550 Ti.
  34. Unused plugs coming from the PSU are nothing to worry about. Unused sockets on the video card will cause the card to not work.
  35. THANKS ill try it tomorrow and update this thread. Not done yet :D.
  36. Glad to say that this morning I installed the card with no problems and I wouldn't have if it weren't for you guys and the forums. I could't be more satisfied, thanks!
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