PC wont boot with any drives attached, drives are fine

I have looked on google and this fourm but havn't been able to find anything that fits my situation. I am knew on here but have read many posts on here before and fixed problems before. Let me know if I have missed something out i've tried to cover everything.

I have had my system running for almost a year but about 2 weeks ago it wouldn't post I replaced the hard drive with a brand new SSD and a fresh install of windows 7 so I cant have two hard drives with the same problem? so the new drive fixed the problem until now 2 weeks later I'm stuck again with the same problem. if I view the post messages it gets stuck on auto-detecting hard drives. If i take all my drives out including dvd it will post and ask for boot media.

I was thinking that is either a memory or motherboard problem.


motherboard- ASUS M5a78l-M
cpu- AMD FX4170 @ 4.2ghz
memory- 1x 4GB corsair value
PSU- ACE 750w
HDD- seagate 1tb
SSD- OCZ 120gb
Graphics- nvidia gtx 660Ti
DVD writer- LG

Really apreciate any help, Thanks in advance,
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    I would swap in a known working PSU.

    Will try that thanks :)
  2. just got back and it booted up with same psu and 1 drive? so it boots up if left for an hour. does this mean psu is good?
  3. anonymous1 said:
    Your PSU is slowly failing.

    THANK YOU!!! I will probably buy a new corsair psu. out of interest is ace a good make?
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