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I am in the current process of building a new pc the parts I have/will be getting are as follows;

Currently own;
Gpu: Zotac 660ti Amp edition
Case:Bit fenix merc alpha (Went with a cheap case that will support all I need so I could pick up a better cpu cooler)
Psu:Coolermaster gx450 (One of the only decent psu coolermaster have done http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Cooler-Master-GX-450-W-Power-Supply-Review/1234)
Ssd:corsair force3 240gb
Hdd:seagate 1tb 7200rpm

Yet purchase;
Cpu: i5 3570k/i7 3770k (indecisive On the cpu)
Ram: Kingston hyperx beast @ 2400mhz
Cpu cooler: corsair h60
Motherboard: Asrock extreme 4 z77

As you can probably see this is an all black themed system and I am in the look for 4 120mm fans preferably black/white led and unfortunately my knowledge on case fans isn't that great past noctua and noctua fans wouldn't look right with this system. Basically I'm looking for some decent quality case fans that are either black or white led and that are good for cooling. Noise levels aren't too much of an issues cause 90% of the time I will have my headset on however I'd rather it not sound like a jet engine :)
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