How to lock Voltage on Kepler Cards?

So I was wondering if there was a way to LOCK the voltage on the Kepler cards (GTX 660 and higher)? Because I like having a nice cool and quiet card, and when the K-Boost kicks in and amps up the voltage because it's cool enough, that ramps up fan which in turn makes it louder. Is there a way to lock the voltage (Be it on Precision-X or Afterburner) so i could keep it quiet and cool. Because at 988mV on my 670 it's stable and i'm happy.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. If you wanted sane things like real voltage control, stable voltage, and stable clock speeds, you bought the wrong card, unfortunately :(

    All that said, this might be worth a look and do what you want:
  2. There is an option in MSI Afterburner to force a constant voltage.

    I would monitor the GPU voltage at idle and while running Kombuster to see if your Voltage does in fact rise. What I am seeing on my 7870 is that it stays solid despite whatever load its under. The fan speed only kicks up because the GPU is under load and therefore producing more heat to deal with.
  3. Yeah, i'll take a look at the article, Mack

    Doing "Force Constant Voltage" in Afterburner doesn't work, either.

    EDIT: I did a quick playtest of Skyrim and Battlefield, and yes, the voltage does rise. I'm using the Precision-X OSD. And the reason that the temp rises is because of the increased volts running through aswell, if i'm not mistaken.
  4. Yeah the only way to do what you're asking is to try to disable the GPU boost "feature" ( :lol: ) that Nvidia put into their Kepler cards and that article I linked is the only thing I've come across explaining how to do that.

    I'm not sure it will do exactly what you want, but if what you're asking is possible, that article is probably your best bet.
  5. if you lock the voltage the card wouldn't boost and it would be stuck at idle clock speeds. the only way you will get the 900+ MHz is by allowing the card to up its voltage. i think its unrealistic to expect the fans to work the same at idle and during full use.
  6. jonjonjon said:
    i think its unrealistic to expect the fans to work the same at idle and during full use.


    Even at the exact same voltage, whether the GPU is under load or not plays a big part in its heat output. Like I said, my overclocked 7870 is at a rock solid 1237mV at idle and in Furmark, yet in Furmark the temps pick up a fair bit. Its not just the voltage that dictates how hot the card runs, though it is a factor.

    On that note, I think I'm going to see if I can lower my voltage a bit. I do find my GPU fan a bit annoying when it goes over 50% speed.
  7. Also, you could just use Afterburner to set your fans to a constant speed, if that gets noise levels to where you want them.
  8. I think right now my only real option is just to lower the fan curve that i have setup.
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