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I am looking to upgrade my Video Card, as it seems it has pooped out on me and freezes when I play a game that uses my video card (I have been working for about a month now to try and find if there is a different problem/another problem, but the only thing that it seems to run down to is the video card)

I currently have an AMD Radeon HD 5670 and was looking for an upgrade with a budget of $250 and the 7770 caught my eye. But something I noticed (and has been bugging me for the last hour or two) is that it has the same amount of GDDR5, 1GB. I was wondering if there is actually a significant difference in the two types (5670 vs. 7770), and if anyone else has a different suggestion that is within my budget.
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  1. What is the make/model of your power supply (a major factor in determining what your options are)?

    BTW, the 7770 is quite a bit more capable that your 5670. Don't let the amount/type of memory distract you.
  2. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to find out the make/model from the numbers I can find on the only visible part of my power supply without taking it out. Here is a picture of the only two stickers I can see:
  3. That looks like a sticker on a Dell power supply. If so, what model of Dell is this?
  4. The model of the computer is and Alienware Aurora R-2 I cannot see any other side of the power supply without taking off the other side panel which I am about to do here in a few minutes, hopefully with more information.
  5. Okay, after a stupid feeling thrown through my body after taking the side panel off and seeing that I cannot reach the other side of the power supply without taking the metal casing holding the motherboard off, I felt like checking to see if I can just take it out through the back panel, turns out, I can! So, I did that, and got this picture:
  6. That is a Dell/Alienware 875w PSU and it should be able to power just about anything on the market today. It will have no trouble, whatsoever, running a HD7770.
  7. Thank you, and are there any other factors I should look at? Also, would you recommend the best Video Card within my budget, also preferably AMD.
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  9. Thank you very much and I shall consider buying the ones you have listed.
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