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EVGA GTX 670 FTW Signature 2 noise levels

I can't find much info on this card, but does anyone know what the noise levels are like on it? I would either want this card or the ASUS gtx 670 non top, but I like how the EVGA gets the heat out of the case.
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  1. Well the sound levels of the 670 DCUII card I can show you I'll look for the evga signature 2.
    Asus 670 DIRECT CU II

    I wasn't able to find a video however based on reviews people are saying its quiet. If you are wanting more support/warranty/service go with the evga sig 2 670.
  2. This guy has 2 680 signature 2 cards but because of how close they are together I think that really skews the fan speed.
  3. The ASUS is insanely quiet, but it's just during the summer my room is usually around 78-80 degrees, and I'm worried that the ASUS would overheat or cause my CPU to overheat since the air isn't pushed out. I do have a front, back, and top fan on my case though. Right now I have a xfx single fan 6870 and that idled at about 45 degrees celsius during the summer, would the ASUS be cooler than that?
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    No your ASUS card wouldn't overheat I live in Southern California and we have warm summers at times you will be good with that. I would feel a bit more secure with the ASUS card temp wise then the EVGA card no matter what cooler they put on it because its still somewhat reference.
  5. OK thanks. I live in the bay area, it's just that my house has terrible insulation "/. I also have no experience overclocking, so how big of a difference would the FTW sig 2 be to the ASUS in FPS on average?
  6. Well the EVGA card is factory overclocked firstly. Even the Asus card that is overclocked is still short of the EVGA card. Although I'm sure the ASUS card could pass by the EVGA card with flying colors. Will you notice the difference in overclock very little honestly maybe 2-5 frames at most.
  7. Thanks for your help! I'll go with the ASUS then.
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  9. Not a problem man both great cards I would personally go with the ASUS card but the signature 2 card does hit my radar because of the care that you would get from EVGA which is a California company.
  10. I just picked up the 670 ftw sig2 on boxing day.

    @ ~70% fan speed you can hear the fans going.. but it keeps the card always under 70degrees C, even over clocked @ 1293gpu/3600mem.

    It's not very loud at all tbh, and it doesn't squeek or whine or anything... it's not much louder than my casefans, but i can hear it. With headphones on or simple speakers from gaming though, it drowns it out completely.

    Highly recommend this card.
  11. AS for the difference between ANY 670 - there really is none. All 670s Overclock to the same settings (even if it is factory overclocked or not) - they will all reach about the same settings of 1280GPU/3300-3600Memory. All that matters is the cooling. The sig2 never goes over 70c, ever - which is key to not having the 670 downclock.
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