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Hello All,

I am going to be hooking up dual monitors. I have a AMD Radeon 7850 it has one DVI output (Which I am using on my main monitor), a HDMI output, and two Mini

Display Ports. The monitor I am using is a low-budget 4:3 Dell monitor with one VGA input and one DVI input. This is my problem... Since I am using the DVI output on my

main monitor, I dont know if I can use a HDMI to DVI adapter cable to hook up my video card to my other monitor.... Please Help. Thank You :)
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  1. Yup HDMI to DVI adapters work just fine, I'd just go that route.
  2. I also agree that the HDMI to DVI adapter will work just fine. There shouldn't be any issues at all.

    And if you were wondering, yes you can have a different resolution on each monitor.
  3. Cool thanks guys for the help! :)
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