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Poweful PC, bad performance

Last response: in Systems
February 23, 2013 5:36:49 PM

Hey all.

I got my new PC a few months ago, ordered all parts and built it at home with my friend who has been building PC's for years. Everything seemed to be fine, until I finally had some time to play. My rig is:


i7 3770k, no OC yet

Sabertooth Z77

16gb ram

750W PSU

SSD Kingston 240 gb, 750 GB HDD

Windows 7 64bit

My PC isnt perfoming somehow horribly, its just not as good as I expected and as good as its supposed to be. My FPS in battlefield 3 is around 40-80 on ultra, pretty much around 50-60 all the time, but its stuttering a lot. Cant play arma 2 with good fps at all, same dayZ (but thats arma right) my FPS is around 20-50 in dayz on medium. Tried all possible fixes too. Planetside 2 is stuttering like hell too.

I've been trying to solve it for around month now,

My temperatures are completely fine, I do have SLI enabled, my CPU seems to be running fine. I never had a problem with my PC except its gaming performance. Although, I suspect the HDD might be causing the problem. It makes pretty weird noises, scratching and stuff. I checked the HDD with Crystaldisk, and it says my HDD is healthy.

To be honest, I'm not that good with computers. I might know some stuff, but like I said, no expert.

This is my first post here, hope I did it right. I'd be very glad for any help, thanks!

February 23, 2013 5:46:26 PM

Disable SLI and try them again. Some games just dont work well with SLI or Crossfire, which is stupid since a lot of people have those setups nowadays. And remember with a 690 you are using 2gb of VRAM not 4gb. Doesnt work like that.
February 23, 2013 5:48:28 PM

Already tried that.
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February 23, 2013 6:00:53 PM

Best thing you can do is install the games on the SSD and compare performance between playing games on that vs the HDD.

I have a Terabyte HD and it makes those scratching sounds and I know it is noticeably just flatout worse then my last Hard Drive even at the same 7200RPM speeds. It is most likely your HDD
February 24, 2013 12:54:46 PM

Installed battlefield 3 on the SSD, didnt help at all...So I guess its not the HDD then, crap.
February 25, 2013 4:50:33 PM

Had the same kind of issues with other 3770s I built.

Make sure AHCI is on in the bios.

Make sure you have you DirectX latest files (Google Direct X, and the first link should be it)
Also make sure you have Netframework 4.5, XNA Framework, All Windows Updates Including Service Pack 1, All latest Intel drivers, Sound drivers, etc. Also rollback Nvidia drivers and see what happens.

There is something wrong for sure because my stock clocked i7 920, with a Ghz 7970 runs BF3 on all Ultra @65fps @2560x1440, no problems.

Goodluck !
February 27, 2013 6:32:08 PM

I actually got everything upgraded, I tried to rollback GPU drivers but its not the problem. I just have no goddamn clue what is causing this.
February 27, 2013 8:15:06 PM

What brand PSU is that, due to your build i'm guessing its a Corsair?
And are you running a different CPU cooler?
And also what Resolution are you at?

I built a 3770k with a Intel stock cooler withvav 7950 OC'D on a Asrock board for a mate, and first time install on a shitty slow HDD gave terrible frames on some games. 2nd time round format it gained a lot of fps but still isnt anywhere near my friends 2700k/7870 rig in frames.

The only other thing I can think of is you have a bad windows install, or in some magical way the psu isnt enough..

I am so shocked why it doesn't perform right since the 690 eats a Titan alive in pretty much all bencharks.
March 1, 2013 2:50:30 AM


That's the only thing I can think of now, My friend also has the stock cooler as I said and his FPS is bad. Your CPU may be throttling down due to the tiny cooler. I would say get the Hyper 212 Plus, but due to the price tag of your build I would get the H100i.

Goodluck :) 
March 2, 2013 5:25:27 PM

I dont really think I'm gonna spend more cash on this thing, just to find out I was wrong. I'm pretty desperate tho :/ 
March 2, 2013 5:26:13 PM

Any suggestions? Anyone?