Is my 3dmark score normal?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if my 3dmark11 score is alright?

asrock extreme 4

i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz

16gb ddr3 2133hz

crossfire 7950 @ 1175/1400mhz

win 7 pro

3d mark 11 overall score of 14,000

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  1. That sounds about right :)

    My setup is a bit faster and I get a little over P16000 in 3dmark11

    If you're looking to boost your score, you should see if you can OC the memory a bit more on your 7950s. Your core OC is pretty sweet but you should get a memory OC going as well.
  2. I can't raise my memory anymore or it just locks up or crashes :( my sapphire card seems to have its voltage locked at 1.25v which I'd imagine is more then enough.
  3. What monitors are you running? I personally find that if you have a setup like that, you don't need to OC, and particularly the memory. It is too easy to go over board on memory OCing since DDR5. Since DDR5 auto-corrects errors, you don't know if you went too far and can easily cause it to go bad rapidly.

    It may be fun to try for ego purposes, but not for general use.
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