Windows8 can't find my ssd please help

Just put all the hardware together. Everything works. I get ready to install win8 but it cant find my ssd to install it onto. Its there, it works. I saw it in the bios. Then win8 told me that drive is new and needs to be formatted first. Its a ssd you dont format them. I reat about switching the sata from ide to raid or idhe. I tried both and it still did not work. Any details or better ideas anyone?
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  1. I'm still having this problem. Can no one help me here??? I bought a regular hdd and it picked it up right away. I installed win8 on there now. Still sux I wanted the sdd to be my boot drive. That's the whole point why I spent the extra money on it. The computer recognizes both the hdd and sdd, but when I try to install win8 it will only allow me to install it on the hdd. I need some serious help please
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