Video Card to my computer.

Hi my HP a1340n is a fairly old PC but still running strong but my VGA port on my motherboard is coming loose and its making my Monitor change colors...So I wanting to get a cheap Video card So I saw this PNY Geforece 210 1g DDR3 Video card and wondering if it will work on my computer.. another thing if someone can help me find a BiOs update for my computer!
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    yes it will work...

    btw ddr3 graphic card is obsolete... try find any cheap ddr5 card
    here is the lis
    amd radeon 6670, 7750
    nvidia gt 240 ddr5, gt 440 ddr5
  2. you will find the BIOS at hp web site itself. Strongly recommend you do that before getting your card.
    also suggest you get cards like the hd5450 or hd 6450 or hd7750
    these cards does not require much power and your psu might not be able to power a better card
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