Can\'t boot after installing msi 6570 graphics card drivers

I have a HP pavilion 6520 f desktop and put in a 400 watt power supply so that I could use my AMD radeon 6570 (MD1GD3)

after putting in the power supply, I was able to uninstall the old drivers,... but then things started to go wrong...

The driver on the disc that came with the card installs perfectly, but when I reboot windows won't start until I do a system restore, which of course gets rid of the new driver

I've tried drivers from both the AMD and MSI websites but those don't work either

Any suggestions?
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  1. go into your bios and make sure the video output is set to pci express
  2. the problem is the SOFTWARE not the settings of the card itself (or the computer for that matter).

    (went into the bios, already set to pci-e)

    (P.S. the card also won't show up in device manager)
  3. 1) update bios on the motherboard.
    2) remove ram and try to start up the computer.
    3) make sure your psu's not generic
  4. As it turns out , the real problem is in the driver...

    After taking a friend's advice and resetting the bios to there defaults, I was able to install successfully.

    However, when I tried to startup the next day, I was back to square one.

    Is there anything I can do in the cusom install mode that will prevent it from interfering with the bios? or is there a way to prevent any changes to the bios made bycomputer programs?
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