Have a D-Link DIR615 considering a new router (gamer)

Hey there guys,

I currently connect via ethernet cable to my wireless router (fiancee and my laptop are connected via wireless). I just upgraded my connection from 5mbps downstream to 30mbps and I feel like I download faster but my gaming is not improved in the least. I also have some special IP address assigned by my ISP to get higher priority in their network but not sure anything's helping. I'm in Israel and so of course I game on European servers.

Just not sure if I can do something router wise to try and speed things up or if I should just move straight to yelling at my very incompetent ISP.

Would configuring QoS on my DIR615 router help at all? Should I consider a newer router that's optimized for gaming?

Thanks for any advice. :)

PS- Forgot about this at first, but I was wondering since I couldn't confirm it: am I better off connecting to my router via a usb cable or a cat5e cable?
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  1. Hi Avi1231,

    If you are a hard core gamer, you may try this routers as:

    DIR-655 Xtreme N Wireless Gigabit Router
    Netgear N600 Wireless-N Router for Video and Gaming (WNDR37AV)
    WGR614 Wireless-G 54 Mbps Router

    If you like something new, try this Almond from Securifi, a new Taiwanese company.
  2. Thanks for the advice. My only problem is I only see the DIR-655 available in my country. Seems like there's very little presence from Netgear in Israel. :(
  3. the 615 is a good router, your problem might be ping, disconnect all other devices from the router and try, if there is still no improvement, QOS wont make a difference, neither will gigabit ports

    ethernet is the best option for connecting to the router, no no extra drivers have to come into play
  4. Yeah, I do like the 615 router but wanted to gather some opinion on this issue.

    It's definitely the ping since 30 mbps down seems pretty substantial. I mean, a 110ms ping shouldn't be an issue but I also didn't make a decent increase in what I'm paying to have no change after ages of my stupid ISP's tech support saying that my 5mbps was pretty weak for gaming.

    So, back to the router, when you say "disconnect all other devices" you mean remove any computer plugged in via ethernet and disconnect any wireless devices correct? I get what you mean by QoS not making a difference if removing other clients on the router doesn't help since it's just prioritizing my gaming traffic within the network.

    Thanks, Xaira. :)
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