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Hey guys,

I am running a GTX 550 TI in my first computer build. Idle it is around 50 C and when in League of Legends can get to 69 C. Is that safe? Also, I just learned of MSI Afterburner. Is it safe to pump up fan speed to 100%. Do I need to even worry about my fan speed or are my temps safe?

Also, ill throw in my CPU just to be sure. i5 3570k- 25ish C at idle 39ish while in game.

I apologize if this is elsewhere asked. I just want to be sure my temps are okay.
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  1. That temp is a little bit high, but nothing to worry about. Try cleaning out the heatsink with compressed air. Temps in the 90's are what you want to avoid.
  2. Those temps are fine. Most graphics cards can get to something ridiculous like 130c before there are issues. But you dont want to let the card get anywhere near that hot.

    That is some freakishly good temps on your CPU. What cooler are you using?
  3. My GPU was just cleaned out, so I don't think dust has anything to do with it's somewhat high temps.

    @manofchalk I just installed a coolermaster hyper 212 evo. One one fan with push configuration. The thermal paste was just applied about a week ago so that might have something to do with why it's so cool: new paste, new cooler.

    So from what I am reading I should not worry about pumping up my GPU fan speed?
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    Nup, those temps are fairly normal, nothing to be worried about.
    If you want to mess around with your fan profile, use MSI Afterburner. It allows you to set up fan curves, so that the speed ramps up with temperature. That way you can keep load temps under control without forcing the fan to run hard when at idle.
  5. Is it safe to put fan speed at 100%? I just tried it for the first time and it sounds like a fight jet but my temps dropped like crazy O.o.
  6. Its fine to put the fan speed up, but obviously its going to be loud. That's half the reason why fan curves exist.
  7. Mk. So final thoughts: My temps are fine as is but if I desire lower temps I can just bump up the fan speeds in MSI afterburner, but it's going to be louder?
  8. Yep, how loud will depend on the card itself. My graphics card fan is inaudible until it hits ~50% speed, then its fairly noticeable. But due to the fan curve I have setup it will only reach that speed at about 55C, which will only happen while I'm gaming and not paying attention anyway.
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