Finished build thanks to you guys. specs may help people choose parts.

All fps on a korean $400 1440p screen and res.
110fps ultra black ops 2 multiplayer
20fps crysis 3 msaa x8 ultra
40+fps crysis 3 low msaa ultra
Guild wars 2 ultra 120+fps
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More about finished build guys specs people choose parts
  1. $1850 for an i5-3570k and 7970 ghz ed, including 2560x1440 monitor, future crossfire ready build, ssd +hdd, overclocked build.
  2. U can also see pics of the crossover 27q $400 korean monitor if u slide pics over to the right. Awesome monitor. Only part i reccomend changin is the cpu cooler i got and maybe get better thermal paste to get even higher OC
  3. looks great...another success story
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