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Panel Types Pros and Cons of Each

What are the pros and cons for these type of panels?

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    + Cheap.
    + Fast.
    -Cant be found in as high resolutions as IPS and PLS.
    These are pretty much the baseline, as your standard monitor is typically a TN

    120Hz TN:
    +Very fast, can refresh the image twice as fast as the other panels allowing an FPS of up to 120 to be displayed.
    - Expensive compared to normal TN and 1080p IPS monitors.
    - Limited to 1920x1080.

    + Superior Colour reproduction than TN.
    + Wider Viewing angles than TN.
    + Typically can be found in higher resolutions than TN.
    + Believe it or not, but 1440p IPS panels can overclock the refresh rate. Not much though, typically to ~65Hz before it stops.
    - Response times are slower than TN.
    - More expensive than TN.

    + Typical IPS benefits pushed a bit further
    + Faster than an IPS but only equal or slower in speed to TN
    - Even more expensive.

    Never heard of WVA.
  2. WVA display panels have resolution ranging from WSXGA(1680 x 1050) to WUXGA(1920 x 1200)
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