Using my old GTX 570 to run physx

i recently upgraded my pc with a 3570k and a GTX 680 Lightning and have my old GPU lying around is it worth using it as a physx card as i play a lot of borderlands a metro 2033 and i will play a lot of arma 3 witch is confirmed will be using physx 3 i dont care about power consumption
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  1. yes, i will go that route

    using dedicated physix allows your 680 to handle more graphic processing
    btw low end power wise card would be best though :D
  2. well at first i suggest you to try using GTX680 alone and see if using PhysX will bog down the performance significantly. if not maybe a single 680 should be fine and you can sell your old 570 for extra cash :D. but it is your call. do what you like to it :)

    btw ARMA 3 did use PhysX but i don't think it will use advance gpu accelerated feature that need dedicated PhysX card to get optimal performance. most likely it will only use feature that are run on cpu
  3. +1 renz, PhysX uses hardly any GPU power, maybe 5% in today's games, sell your 570 and save up for maybe an SLI option with that 680 or get ready for the net generation of cards. A more appropriate PhysX card would be like a GTS 450 or something in that area.
  4. i don't think the power consumption is worth is, a 680 is a very powerful card in itself. i'd sell that 570 if it was me, or give it to your brother or something.
    if you really want a physx card, go get something lower
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    ^ the thing is he already have 570 so why wasting more money to get a new card just for physx? 570 might be overkill but he don't have to spend more money if he just use it in the first place. sure he can sell it but i think it is PITA process where you sell the card and then use the money to get slower card. so my suggestion is either use his 570 as a dedicated physx card or use 680 alone if the performance is good enough and sell his 570.
  6. I wouldn't. Lots of games don't even support PhysX. I doubt it would be worth paying for on the electric bill because you won't really see any noticeable gains. The GTX 680 is a very powerful card itself and should perform just fine.

    You could sell the card or give it to a member on here not as fortunate as yourself.
  7. i will run a few tests and get see what i come up with
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  9. so did you use it (as dedicated physx) or did you sell it? :)
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