Excellent signal, no connectivity

Hello, I have an HP dv6 (windows 7) picking up the network with an excellent signal, but it has no connectivity/no access.

A couple days ago, internet went out on all computer (2 wireless, one wired) Spoke with comcast, reset the router and modem. One wireless and the wired came back with internet immediately. However, my computer just will not connect.

I have restarted my computer many times, attempted 3 different system restores from before the issue. The DNS option in router settings is set to "get automatically from ISP"

Help! I have homework due! :) Thanks

Also, all settings are the same for wireless properties on the working and nonworking computers. They are currently both in front of me, so it isn't a distance from the router issue.
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  1. can you see your wireless SSID?

    also on the left in the Network and Sharing Center you should find Manage Wireless Networks. Delete your current SSID setting and try to connect again
  2. Thanks for replying!

    I can see it and I have deleted and manually added it three times now. I even logged into my router, changed the settings, reentered them on the computer that isn't accessing and it still wont.
  3. right click on your ssd in the windows wireless options, click on status, details, check your ip is it 192 or 169?
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