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Ati 5470 driver

January 6, 2013 5:40:22 AM

okay, so I have an interesting problem and HP is unwilling to cooperate without me having to pay just to reach their customer support line. Yikes! I recently acquired (legally) an HP DV6z-3000 CTO Entertainment Notebook. Prior my acquisition, the laptop would freeze, screen would do funky colors, whole nine. In reality, the graphics card or northbridge were fried. I took it upon myself to repair it, and got it functional..but just so. The issue I'm having is that this is a 'switchable' graphics setup with BOTH the AMD 4250 and an ATI Radeon HD 5470. Essentially one will function if the other is disabled, however the 5470 card is not detected by DxDiag and I cannot edit any settings for it under CCC or Vision Engine. I've tried this with drivers from both HP and AMD and to no avail. The only way to get this machine functional is to disable one or the other display adapters. Only problem is when the 5470 is 'active' it is not located by CCC, Vision Engine, DxDiag.. anything. Strangely enough, if I disable the 5470 it states under device manager 'this device is not functioning properly due to a hardware error'. Now wait, the plot thickens! If I disable the 4250, it isn't recognized except for under device manager where it clearly states it is working perfectly fine...with no resource conflicts what so ever. This is unfortunately a model that HP did not procure a BIOS update for allowing me to decide on switchable v non-switchable so I'm truly at a loss. I've been fighting with this machine for days now. Any suggestions?

TL;DR : 5470 is only active when 4250 is not, but is not detected by anything aside from the lack of resource conflicts in device manager. Any suggestions?

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