Living in a nightmare filled with Display Failures

Hi so here's what's going on. Originally I had an EVGA 560 and it would constantly hang up and I'd get the infamous Nvidia display drivers stopped working. I tried reseating the card and trying a different port all together-no luck. I decided screw it I don't like Nvidia anyways I'll get a Radeon. So I bought a MSI 7950 and this is what's pissing me off. First this morning, the bottom two inches of both my screens started freaking out and bars showed up out of nowhere that would spread to the whole screen if I scrolled on any webpage. Two restarts later and its working fine. Not really. This card too will randomly hang up go black for a few seconds then come back with Amd drivers failed and recovered. I'm getting quite sick of this I'm scared to play any games so I don't ruin it for my teammates. Can anyone figure out what the problem could be?

Processor: Phenom II X4 3.6 Ghz
Mobo: Asus Sabertooth 990FX
Ram: Corsair Veng. Series 2 4gb sticks
Psu: 850W Cooler master
Graphics: 560, now 7950

Side note: All temps are fine, monitored with MSI afterburner and Speccy
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  1. Thats the result after if crashes. Happens to every video even if I quit chrome or new window witha new video. Have to completely restart.
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