New graphics card, crashing :( Please Help

Hello All,

I'm having a real problem... I got a new graphics card ATI Radeon 7850. I followed the instructions to remove my old graphics card (it was intergrated) and now all I had to do was plug it in and install the cd, simple.... But I ran into a problem, when i plugged in my graphics card (I was grounded the whole time) and booted up my computer it keeps saying "Failed Startup" and then makes me run a Microsoft Startup Repai Tool. Every time i run it, it always says it can't find the problem. Please Help I waited along time for this and then this happens. :'(
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  1. What do you mean you "removed" your integrated graphics? Also what power supply do you have and/or how much power does it make? The CD is not what you want to use once you get everything working, once your system works you'll wan t to upudate to the latest graphics card drivers from AMD (I can link you if you'd like once this is fixed)
  2. Ok so i went into device manager and uninstalled it, i have a 750 watt power supply and it needs 450 watts.
  3. Also i unplugged my new graphics card and tryed to use my old graphics card and it works fine...
  4. Ok I see, try booting into safe mode with your graphics card installed and delete any drivers associated with your integrated graphics, then try using the CD and installing the drivers for the card. If you can't boot into safe mode, reinstalling Windows would get rid of corrupted driver data and probably fix the problem
  5. Okay i forgot to mention my integrated was a Radeon 4200
  6. Im trying o unistall all software then reinstall in safe mode
  7. The AMD Catalyst
  8. Ok so now i can see m device on the device manager but the amd catalyst cant detect it....
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