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Gtx 670 vs Gtx 680 for strict gaming!

Idk if im at the right forum(im new) but my Question is, should i get the MSI GTX 670 or should i get the MSI GTX 680.Im a pretty heavy pc gamer. Soo, Money is not a problem.
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    If Money is not the Problem, Get GTX 680.
    Difference between both is just around 5%. Doesn't make up for the Money paid.
    Overclocking will further lower the Difference.

    But GTX 680 can be Overclocked High and that will give Very good Performance.

    EDIT: What are your other Specifications?
  2. If money is not a problem, then you can get the 680.

    I really don't recommend it though as the performance difference is just too small :(
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