Gigabit or 10/100 for gaming

its an obvious answer I know but its diferent when you have an ethernet bridge/ repeater. Ive been looking at these bridges and the wireless features seem just like a routers as far as bandwidth. but the ports on these things are labled as 10/100. Would this cap be enough to say plug in an xbox360 or plug in my computer and play network intensive games without hicups?

I ask this because im purchasing a micro atx motherboard and I wont be able to plug in any extra PCIe cards if I decide to go SLI. so plugging into this repeater would be a nice work around just so long as 10/100 bandwidth is good enough for everyday gaming. (wow,wc3,sc2, the future, SWTOR) and xbox live.

Thanks for your help guys. getting the answer for this can help me out with wiring down the road. Also if anyone knows any "routers" that can do the same thing as bridges....please let me know

this is what I was thinking about purchasing for this.

On a side note I realised if you are buying a wireless adapter for your computer that meens that you probably wont be using the rj45 port.... so instead of a USB wireless adapter... why dont they make wireless adapters for the rj45 port.....
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    The quality of your wireless connection to the bridge is what will cap your bandwidth, not the 100 mbps v. gigabit ports.

    Using a repeater reduces your bandwidth, and it depends on how far you are trying to get a signal to the device. You also want to be using Wireless N to get the most distance at a good speed. You might also want to select your radio channels after seeing if there is much interference using inSSIDer.

    A router using dd-wrt firmware, which needs a Broadcom or Atheros chipset, can be configured as a wireless bridge. The dd-wrt pages have a database that has all the capable routers.
  2. thanks for your reply

    range wont be an issue. basicly I would like to use a network bridge so Im not running cables through my room. If i were to connect my computer wirelesly to my router... I have a excelent connection. But some devices that I would connect via the 10/100 port say an xbox or my computer...I would like to stream hd video to it through LAN or use xbox live so that brings me to weither 10/100 can do this without issue.

    This is all basicly because the mobo I want doesnt have enough room for a wireless card nor has dual rj45 ports.

    thanks for the infomation on the routers ill look into that.
  3. The other option for a wireless connection would be a wireless usb adapter for your desktop like one of THESE. I've used a number of different ones and they do very well. You could then attach the RJ45 port of the computer to a small switch and share the connection with any wired devices. It would work well and be cheaper.
  4. thats true. im supprised I didnt even think about that. thanks!
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