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Wireless router rejects password, only from my machine.


Just bought a wireless router for my apartment, a Tenda w268r. I've set the wireless password in the router settings, using wpa2-psk. My PC's PCI wireless card, a Rosewill RNX-N250PC, shows excellent signal, but the password is rejected instantly by the router when I enter it in. Yes, I've checked that I'm typing it correctly 100 times.

I have a laptop, also with Windows 7, which connects to the router with this password and configuration perfectly. I've installed the most recent drivers for my wireless card. Also, under Windows 8 on this machine, it connects without issue.

When there is no password set, I can connect without issue under Windows 7.

Any ideas? :)
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    have you tried downloading the drivers from the Ralink site?

    look for the driver for a RT306x
  2. Wow, it worked!

    I was downloading the driver from the Rosewill site, that didn't help. Awesome, thanks so much! :D :D
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