Amd radeon hd 7670m messed up

HI guys
i was trying to install the latest 12.11 catalyst beta which improves performance for far cry 3 but again and again it was failing "has stopped working''. So i removed catalyst intall manger which removed the catalyst and switchable graphics , when i right click on desktop there is no option for them now . My laptop is Dell Inpiron 15r i53310 and 4gb ram.
Far cry 3 was crashing agaoin and again so i did this now its all messed up.
The driver from dell i downloaded also stopped working in the middle of the installation .
So pls help....
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  1. Try installing the Dell Driver in safe mode. Give it several attempts if need be. If it doesn't work, then I'd expect a full system restore is in order (assuming you have Dell restore discs).

    -Wolf sends
  2. ^+1. It is always recommended with notebooks to stay with the drivers from the OEM since they sometimes tweak the hardware from original specs.
  3. Did you install the drivers off the Dell page? If not make sure they are properly/completely uninstalled and reinstall them off the dell page. As Wolf and rolli said, with laptops it is best to stick with drivers that are certified to work with your exact laptop. Also note that the driver you installed appears to be a beta version, it is best to wait for stable releases.

    Hope this helps!
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