2 seconds beep and no display

When I power on my computer, I get a 2 seconds beep and have no display and my graphic card's fan starts working continuously at its maximum speed. I removed graphic card and I still hear the same beep.

This problem(2 seconds beep and no display) doesn't occur always but often occurs. When it was worked, I checked the rams with memtest and there was no error. I also tried using one of the rams(each 2 rams) but that doesn't made any difference.

I also removed PCI cards, disconnected hard disk and removed bios battery but it also doesn't work.

When system boots correctly, when I want to install my (pci) sound card driver I get a BSOD. I also checked irq for devices in device manager and there was no conflict.

I think this problem began when I was playing a game and suddenly system restarted. I have no other graphic card to replace and test. How do I find the cause of this problem? is my graphic card broken?

My graphic card is HIS 4870
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  1. low power? what is your psu?
  2. AMD Radeon said:
    low power? what is your psu?

    It's 780Watt. I think it is enough
  3. For your gpu...try updating the BIOS of your mainboard orelse check your gpu on another machine.the problem is with your gpu or your psu
    for your sound card,update Windows,check for malware,spyware etc...and if nothing works reinstall Windows.
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