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Graphics Card compatibility

Hi everyone, new to this forum. :hello: XFX Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3 - this is the product i'm looking forward to buy for my pc system as I only get about 10-25 fps on average, so it's pretty laggy and *** to play league of legends on lol.
I just need to know whether or not the thing is compatible with my computer.
My specs: :bounce:
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  1. oh and also any recommendations if this product isn't viable with my pc specs.
    My budget $100-200 nzd
  2. Why to get 2gb gpu.there is no use of buying 2gb.get 1gb.what is you max resolution.
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    since your resolution is just 1440x900...1gb of v ram will be enough.

    you can also give hd7770 or gtx650ti a thought...both of them will be great for you.

    all the best.
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