2nd gpu fan speed is 100%

I just got my second 570 then and installed it and its fan is constantly running at 100%, its at the latest drivers. I just got msi afterburner and when i run it the fan speed goes down to match my first gpu but as soon as I close the program the fan speed rockets back up. What do?

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  1. keep afterburner running in background would be my guess, i use evga precision X (the different brand programs for overclocking nvidia cards just seem to be skin/layout differences to me)

    i always have program running 24/7 when the cards are idle and at load, shouldnt you be doing this too? the program (afterburner / precision x) use very little resources

    let us know how you get on

  2. I understand that i can keep it running 24/7 but I shouldnt have to, there shouldnt be a sound issue.
  3. Try changing the fan settings in Nvidia Control Panel, I suspect those settings are what is enabled until Afterburner pops up and overrides it. Thats what seems to happen with my card when I boot.

    You can go into the settings of Afterburner and make it that it will start on boot minimized.
  4. Yeah got AB to start minimized on boot up, how do i change the fan setting in nvidia control panel?
  5. Not sure, I'm running an AMD card so I cant check, and the last Nvidia card I used for any length of time was a passive cooled Gigabyte 8600GT.

    I suspect it would be under the overclocking settings, but thats not much more than a hunch.
  6. ill be taking it back tomorrow
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