System will not boot/becomes unresponsive

Hello, I am having a problem with my desktop and am looking for help. First here are my specs:

Phenom II x4 955
MSI 870A-G54 mobo
Sapphire Radeon 7870 XT
XFX XXX Edition 650W psu
8GB 1600 ram
640GB WD Caviar Black - boot drive
2x 2TB storage hdd

The computer does not boot into Windows 7 or Debian, becoming unresponsive and losing the video signal. The computer was working and crashed before giving these problems. Once the computer becomes unresponsive holding the power button does nothing and the power supply must be switched off in order to shut the computer down. At first I thought it may be my old graphics card (an HD 4850), and since I was looking to upgrade anyway I bought the 7870 but it gave the same problem. I've checked the SMART data for the Caviar black and it came back clean, wanting to be thorough though I formatted and attempted to reinstall. However, when choosing the partition in the Windows Installer, or shortly thereafter, the computer once again goes to an unresponsive black screen. I have tested each stick of ram and both give the problem, I have also tried to install on one of the 2 TB drives and no luck there either. I was able to boot into Windows safe mode before formatting and have had success loading a disk of partedmagic and rescatux, doing a pi cauculation stress test while on partedmagic which seems to rule out a CPU or PSU problem. Attempting to boot into a live disk of ubuntu 11.10 and 12.4 were both unsuccessful. I really don't know where to start next, and having this new graphics card I can't play with is killing me a little bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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  1. smart is not always an indicator, you should have done thorough scan with Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows
  2. Thanks for the info, unfortunately since I cannot boot into windows I am not able to run the WD diagnostic tool, however I did run the short self-test on GSmartControl in partedmagic and it passed with no error. This, along with the computer not making it through the windows installer using only a blank 2TB drive makes me believe that the problem is not a faulty hard drive. I have also since run memtest86 on the ram and it passed with no errors.
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