AMD 7950 Sapphire OC Edition Clock Issues

Good day, I've been looking up countless reviews, forums (including Sapphire's), how-to's and walkthrough's but i can't seem to solve this issue I've been having with my PC's performance in relation to my Graphics card. I'm using Windows 7 x64 OS and have updated my drivers.

My System Specs are as follows:

x1 Intel i7 Quad Core running @ 2.93 Ghz (Possible suspected issue)
x1 ACER: Predator G5900 motherboard (Suspected issue)
x2 G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB DDR3 1866MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit
x1 Sapphire (11196-16-20G) AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5
x1 OCZ X Series 1250W Power Supply
x1 1.5 TB Hard drive

My base computer before upgrades was simply the ACER: Predator G5900 series with the i7 before I decided it simply wasn't good enough...I've replaced the RAM, Graphics card and power supply and added the SSD which I now run my OS on.

What happens is that even when using the factory settings on my card (950 Hz core clock, 1250 Hz memory clock), the moment I begin to tax the card by playing a game (such as Assassin's Creed 3), the screen will first freeze, then the driver (the card) will "stop responding" and the screen will go black (as if the monitor has been shut off), restart, then resume...often repeating this process until the computer inevitably crashes (blue screen of death) or until the screen becomes permanently black which then forces me to have to manually shut off my computer and restart it from there.

I have been trying to purposely crash my computer after figuring out how to freeze the blue screen so as to see what is causing the crash, but since then, my card has been stubborn and has only been perma-blacking since.

What I plan to do is replace the motherboard and the processor (a i7 Quad running @ 3.5 Ghz) and see if there is any improvement in performance, i also plan to get another tower so as to actually have room to maneuver cuz my current tower is very crapmed and tightly packed, (i have to keep the side lids open just to fit everything).

What i want to know is...Does my motherboard affect the performance of my graphics card or is it an entirely different issue all together?
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  1. Your Card is Broken
    Replace it.
  2. Your motherboard does not affect your video card's performance, as long as it's running at enough bandwidth. PCIe 1.1 x16=PCIe 2.0 x8=PCIe 3.0 x4 and these will provide enough bandwidth for the card.
  3. Hense my worry, the G5900 series does not have good reviews and getting specs on the motherboard, to put it lightly, is difficult to say the least.

    However, that being said, is the possibility of the graphics card being 'broken' also a factor? then again, if it was broken in the slightest, doesn't that mean that it wouldn't work at all?

    I can run it at 850 Hz core and 700 Hz memory with little to no issues, i just have to play my games with some compromise.
  4. If a 7950 can run at stock speeds fine, then the cards is probably not broken. However, if you've gotten a lot of problems after you installed the card, there's probably something wrong with it because the rest of your specs looks fine (although I also doubt the motherboard a little bit)
  5. stock speed? if you mean the foactory settings, then i am running it underneath of it.

    The factory settings for my card are 950 Hz clock and 1250 Hz memory...

    hense my dilema...
  6. Factory overclocked should also be fine since it's validated at the factory. It's probably as Sumukh_Bhagat said, your card is probably broken. Maybe you should RMA it
  7. i'll see about that...i just hope it isnt cuz i bought it mid summer and have long since lost the receipt.
  8. Sounds like the card to me also, most likely. Do you have another card that you can put in and see if you can duplicate the problem?
  9. unfourtunatly not, the card cost me darn near $400 and im not the richest person in the world to be able to afford another, and i was hoping that i would have to avoid getting another by covering as many bases as i could, hense my last ditch effort to see about the motherboard and the proscessor...cuz after i replace those...i would have an entireley customized computer on my hands...and then i would know without a shadow of a doubt that it would be the card...

    That being said, I'll see if the tech's can solve this issue and i'll be praying it isnt broken.
  10. What drivers are you using?
  11. By drivers, do you mean the graphics driver? if so, i am using what was recommended by the card itself in the instillation process.

    Just a afternote, i am still pretty newbish when it comes to technical terminology, so please try to use lehman's terms if you can.


    I have updated ALL possible drivers and none more are needed.
  12. You should be using the newest drivers from AMD. Here is a link to the download page.
  13. Have you updated to the latest driver yet? If not, please do so by downloading them directly from the AMD website
  14. i have updated all the drivers... repetitively i hasten to add.

    so after that being rough percentage, how strongly do you all believe the card is broken?
  15. If it can't run on stock clocks and voltage then it is defective. Sapphire will replace it with a new one in a heartbeat if you contact them.

    You could also use a program like MSI Afterburner to slightly increase the vCore on the card to see if it helps with stability. While that would likely work, the card is still defective if it cant run on default settings stably.
  16. ^ @stickg1 +1.
  17. hmm...thank you guys.
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