AMD Driver display has stopped responding for HD6850

Ok this has been happening for months but it used to only happen here and there when I would be playing games for fairly long. Now It happens all the time and it makes my PC really slow. I've went into safemode uninstalled the drivers from device manager then used driver sweeper after before putting on a few drivers (tested 12.2, 12.10, 12.8, the beta and 11.something), using the same method however none worked.

I thought it could be dust keeping my card too hot but both my card and chip are at a stable temp and i've dusted and cleaned my graphics card and pc so that is covered.

I've gave the pc a fresh install and that also hasn't worked. When I use my pc in safe mode it works fine. I've no idea what to do. On event viewer it says "amdkmdap". I've looked on the troubleshoot website and i've got nothing from that. I could really appreciate some help here as this has been driving me mad.

Graphics card: Power color HD6850
Chip: E5200 @2.5ghz (2 cpus) ~3.5ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte P31-S3G
4 gig of ram
Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
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  1. If it's worth anything, I have my pc partioned with windows XP and my pc works fine with XP and has no crashes, so I no its something to do with the drivers and windows 7.
  2. try updating windows 7 and your bios

    the problem might also be with you using 2 os...try it once only with win7

    also remember drivers for windows xp & 7 are different

    also check if you have any auto tuning utility running in win 7 and disable it if you have one
  3. How would I update my bios? Windows 7 is fully updated however. And yes, i've used seperate drivers for seperate OS.
  4. download that from the web site of your mainboard manufacturer.
    you can use win xp to do that
  5. I updated it, I think? I ran the exe on windows xp and it just opened up that black box run/cmd kind of thing then it just closes down after, without much happening.

    So I wasnt sure if it worked but when I try it on windows 7 it tells me its not compatible with windows 64 bit but It doesnt give you a choice on the website.

    When I did go on windows 7, it still had the common crash though
  6. Windows xp drivers do not work with 7...try downloading drivers specifically made for Windows 7

    revert back what you see.
  7. The bios update you was talking about is only one file. It doesn't give you the choice of what operating system you need.
  8. to update the BIOS you will need a bios update utility...use @BIOS to update yours.
    you will find that at gigabyte web site under the utility section
  9. Did it but its still occurring :/
  10. then check on the error log and revert back
  11. How would I do this? I'm sorry at being terrible for this.
  12. go to all programs/administrative tools/event viewer

    look out for logs relating to amd ccc(display drivers)
  13. Well I upgraded my PC as it needed an upgrade changing the motherboard, harddrive and ram but it still occured. Wondering it may be my power supply and when I put it in my friends pc it went amd drivers not displayed then blue screen before resetting.

    I've emailed power color about getting it repaired or replaced but will this work considering the card is about 14/15 months old?
  14. blue screen does not always mean it is a hardware might as well be software issues as well....virus,malwares,conflicts.

    if you think it is your psu, us this link:
  15. When it happened to me it was a faulty stick of ram.. took it out and hasnt happened since
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