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My system with no GPU requires 200watts.
On my GPU box it says it requires 450watts - Do they add the average system watts to this?

Seems odd my system has a lot of fans etc, but according to pcpartpicker the GPU only uses 100watts (650ti)

Realistically doesn't that mean I could use a 300watt PSU?

Whats the deal about this

*Just for knowledge, I do have a 520watt to power my system
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  1. Yes, but just barely.

    The GPU manufactures base the number on the average system draw and pick a number that is likely to handle it. Bad practice IMO.
  2. Hmm strange, so they almost just blow numbers out of there ass in a way, good to know however thanks
  3. A system with a GTX 650 Ti needs a recommended 430w power supply. That's for the entire system not just the card.

    Manufacturers do not just make up a number when they recommend a power supply wattage. They have to assume you have a generic, low quality unit and base their recommendations on that.

    The GPU is the main power hog in any modern system. Fans use a few watts each as do hard drives. With no GPU pretty much any computer woud be fine with a 250w power supply.
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