Mine is a HP Desktop system (Model Number : p6040in).

I used GEforce 8400GS Graphi Card for my system. The graphic card is gone bad as i keep on getting blue screens related to graphic card. I am planning to buy a new graphic card. I have DDR2 (2*2 Rams 4BG RAM in total ) in my system. I have Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7400. My system power supply is 450W. In my system i have PCI and PCIE slots. Can i buy a DDR3 graphic card and 450W or 500W power supply for my system. Will it support or do i have to go for only DDR2 Graphic Cards.
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  1. It will support any gpu whether its ddr2 ddr3 or ddr5.there is no relation between ram and gpu memory chipset.also you can get new powersupply.
  2. you can get gpu having gddr5 memory even....you don't need to worry about it being not supported

    if you plan to keep your 450w psu...you can at best choose the hd7770

    but if you plan to upgrade your psu at least go for a 80+ bronze certified one

    this should help you a lot:

  3. first of all what is your budget for PSU and GFX, after that there will be right reply for u.
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