I need opinions on my first build for gaming

Hello I am looking to make my first build for gaming. I want a gaming pc that will last me at least 2 years before I upgrade but I also dont want to get the newest technology out. So I am looking for the parts that will fit together best and will be the best for my money. So far this is what I have but I have a couple of questions on it. Any positive input is appreciated.

Coole Master Elite 430 - Will this midtower be enough for my motherboard?
Corsair Builder Series 500W 80 plus - Will 500 be enough for this build or should I go higher? If I plan to overclock in the future should it be more then?
GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB - I really liked this motherboard and is supposed to be one of the best for your buck. Any comments?
GTX 670 FTW - I prefered this over the gtx 680 since supposedly there is not a lot of difference
i5 3570k - I took this over the i7 3770k Since I dont think I need the hyperthreading. I will be doing gaming and some programming for my computer science courses.
SSD 128GB - for the os and basic everyday programs
HDD 1TB - For the games and all the other crap. Or should I have the games on the ssd for increased performace?
Corsair Vengeance (2x8)16GB - Seems good enough
Cooling system - Could I wait on a liquid cooler until I start overclocking in the future or do I need it now? The Case is supposed to have fans?

Well guys this is what I came up with what do you think. I would also like to know if there would be any bottlenecks with this build.
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  1. Links would have been helpful

    But in general
    all Z77 motherboards will perform identically . Dont pay for features you wont use .

    The RAM is over kill for gamign . Even 2 x4 gig is more than any game can use .

    IB processors run cool . A $30 CM Hyper 212 or Xigmatek GAIA will do fine

    The elite 430 is a decent budget case , the 431 has front USB 3 ports
    I would spend more on a case if I could because Im likely to updates components in it several times during its life
  2. You could probably get by with a 500 watt power supply but personally I would want more if it was my build. Especially with a GTX 670. I would look for a 600 or 650W unit which are still rather affordable.
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